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What We Teach

We prepare students for their 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance Examinations
We teach English, Mathematics, and Science to students in Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, and GCSE.
At A-level, we teach Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and English

Common Entrance Examinations
The 11+ exams are usually sat in Year 6, mainly for admission into senior independent girls' schools. Exams are held in November and January, in English, Mathematics, and Science. 
The 13+ exams are sat in Year 8, in order to assess academic ability for entrance to independent and public schools, such as Eton, Harrow, or Tonbridge, to name a few. The exams are held three times per academic year: November, January, and May/June. The core subjects - English, Mathematics, and Science - are compulsory, while many schools ask candidates to sit exams in additional subjects, ranging from History or Geography to Classical Greek or Mandarin. 
We provide extensive help with both these examinations - from supplying past papers to covering individual subjects in more detail. We encourage students to start preparing for these examinations as early as possible, as competition for places is fierce. 

It's All About You

At West London Tutors, we charge each lesson by the hour. In that time, we will cover anything you need help in - there are no extras or additional charges for teaching more than one subject in one lesson. You are free to bring anything you have trouble with to the lesson - whether it's help with difficult homework or revision for an upcoming class test. If you are fully caught up with schoolwork, we will take you further along the syllabus and concentrate on the more advanced topics in your curriculum. 
A lot of tutoring services operate large classes in a classroom environment very similar to schools, and as such do not address the individual needs of the students. Most of our lessons take place at 3 Victoria Road, in small groups of around four students (maximum five). We always focus our lessons around the student, paying attention to your specific difficulties. If you feel you would benefit more from a 1-to-1 lesson, we can easily arrange that also: just give us a call.
It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It
Many students have a good knowledge of their syllabus - and yet somehow fail to perform in the exam. From years of professional experience, we firmly believe that passing examinations is a skill that involves having both knowledge of the syllabus - and knowledge of exactly how to answer examination questions. Therefore, we place a LOT of emphasis on exam technique - all our students are put through detailed exam practice sessions using official past papers for their syllabus from the past ten years. After each paper is completed, it is then marked according to the exam board's mark scheme and then reviewed with the student, with careful assessment of each answer and any improvements in answering technique that need to be made. Over time, this ensures that during the exam, our students face questions they are familiar with, and can answer them in ways they have already practiced.This also helps encourage the student, and gives them confidence - leading to better performance under exam conditions.

Going The Extra Mile
We make every effort to ensure that our students maximise their potential, both during and after their examinations. With this in mind, we help all our students with their UCAS application, and advise them about their choices at University. For students thinking about specialist careers such as Law, Medicine and Dentistry, we provide additional help and advice with UCAS personal statements and the entire application process. We also help students thoroughly prepare for the mandatory admissions tests for Medicine and Dentistry, such as the BMAT, UKCAT, and GAMSAT; we have specific courses that train students exactly how to approach these examinations.
So Why Choose Us?
  • Highly experienced tutors, who have been teaching their subjects for years.
  • Our tutors teach the same subjects at the same level in private schools - meaning we are constantly up-to-date with the latest exam boards and syllabuses.
  • Flexible lesson times: we will try our best to accommodate you at a time of your choice.
  • Full training on exam technique with lots of past paper practice. When the exam comes, you will be confident, and ready.
Retakes and Private Exam Candidates
Some students prefer to study at home and then take the exam as an individual and not as a student of a school or private college. Such students are referred to as external candidates by the examination boards and the exam centres. Some students, having not achieved their desired grade, may wish to retake their exam in January. We cater especially for such students and can provide specifically designed teaching that builds on previous knowledge and fully prepares the student for the resit. Moreover, we can easily arrange for our students to sit the exam at an exam centre, so all the students have to do is revision.
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